2 Words That Will Change the Way You Shop

2 Words That Will Change the Way You Shop

I love shopping online, it’s like a pass time for me and it’s so easy. Also, I see it as a time-saving measure.

So when I see a lovely dress especially on discount online oh an alarm rings in my brain … buy it before it is out of stock. I want to buy it right then and there! I almost can’t help myself. I have to have that dress! Am I the only one feeling like this? If you feel same, please let me know on the comment section below this blog write up.

But that’s when I think back to a lesson my friend’s mom (Mama!) taught me many years ago: wait overnight.

Whenever you decided that when we’re about to make a big purchase—or even a smaller purchase that’s more than you usually spend on that item or it’s not planned for (Not in the budget)—it’s best to take a breath, let the emotion die down, and wait overnight.

When you sleep on the decision, you put some time between your emotions and the transaction. You wake up the next morning with a fresh perspective. You may ask yourself, Do I really need that?

Here’s the catch: Even if you sleep on the decision and wake up the next morning ready to make the purchase, you still need to pay cash. The money needs to be in your bank account. Making a purchase with a credit card is just as bad as making a purchase on impulse.

Also, ask yourself, Do I really need this item right now? Chances are, you don’t. If you’re honest with yourself, that question should give you a healthy dose of perspective.

“Wait overnight. Put some time between your emotions and the transaction.”

In my situation, I bought that dress over two years ago, and I have not found an occasion to wear it to till date Yes. It’s a high-quality, beautiful dress and, for me, it was totally worth it! Guess what I bought it when it wasn’t planned for so I had to use credit card. Dumb decision isn’t it?

Dresses might not be your thing. You might be into electronics, shoes, golf clubs or even boats. But this rule applies to anything. Impulse buying can really wreck your finances. It’s a topic I spend some time on in my upcoming book.


So if you have cash and you agree on the decision with your spouse, there’s nothing wrong with making that purchase. Just wait overnight!

Try this and let me know how this tip work.


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