I am very excited to share these major mistakes people make with money. 3 MISTAKES TO AVOID IF YOU WANT TO WIN WITH MONEY These are pitfalls you must avoid in order to enjoy financial peace or freedom in life.

  1. Don’t Spend More Than You Earn  

    One of the major money mistakes we all make is this one and it is so easy with the era at which debt is sold to all in credit cards, high street shop cards, loans, etc If you are not conscious of this you will find yourself spending more. It’s a major  error to take you into poverty and indebtedness.        WATCH VIDEO OF THE ARTICLE

  2. Don’t Fund Your Life Style With Debt

    Have heard of the saying that the borrower is  a slave to the lender. This is so true. When you are in debt , you have lost control of your money decision because the lender dictates . Regardless of your needs or wants ; the debt is what you have as top priority to settle.  STOP keeping up with the Joneses STOP trying to appear rich when you are not rich. Get a grip of your financial life, You can not have financial peace in life if you fund your life with debt. When you are in this habit, you are unlikely to think of your financially future and if care is not taken you end up being broke if not bankrupt some day.

  3. Don’t Go Shopping When Hungry

 Going shopping when hungry is a recipe for money mistakes. When you are hungry and shopping; you may find yourself buying more and items you do not need . Also when you are in this state you may never buy what you really want to buy because you want to rush off and end up making wrong choices and spending your hard-earned money just because you are hungry. Never go shopping when hungry.




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