Now in Nigeria, its so easy to ; register a Company, get an International passport, get a National identity and Driver’s License


Families in UK are Getting Ripped Off By Insurance Companies ..

Do not buy life insurance until you read this… Unknown to many families, Life Insurance is one of the most effective ways to protect your loved ones and their future.

Do You Know That Aretha Franklin Died Without A Will?

So here’s a crazy stats: 6 in 10 British don’t have a will.  This is alarming.   I understand that making a plan for what happens when you die isn’t as much

3 Ways People Respond to LIFE… Which is Yours?

I recall a time when one of my cousins came to me telling me all the things happening to him and how he was tired of living. He was subtly

2 Words That Will Change the Way You Shop

I love shopping online, it’s like a pass time for me and it’s so easy. Also, I see it as a time-saving measure. So when I see a lovely dress

3 Benefits of  Pension People Miss Out On

So many employees and self-employed people do not pay attention to how their financial future will be. Can you tell me how your financial future will be like when you

FREE Financial Assessment for UK Residents Only

Why You Need to take Your Financial  Assessment? Your journey to financial peace, stability, independence and freedom starts with you knowing where you are now. The journey of a thousand

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Digging Out of Debt in 8 Steps

  People are carrying more consumer debt now than ever before and signs of that burden are showing up in the form of debt fatigue. If you’re being buried under payments, the only