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 Rise Up and Do It

Empowering Habits That Takes You to the Top

‘Rise Up and Do It’ is a self-help book that unveils the role habits play in achieving set goals and success in life.

It will not only show those empowering habits that you need to maximize your potential and achieve success in life, but will also walk you through how to identify, develop and improve on them.

This book will motivate you to Rise up and Do what is needed to get you to your destination in your life journey.

You will be led through a series of discussions, stories, recommendations, and exercises designed to help you enjoy an empowering life experience, with success as the ultimate destination.

Atinuke shares invaluable insights that can be used to gain confidence in doing whatever you want and overcome obstacles standing in the way of reaching your potential, including:

• Don’t just try—DO IT;
Excuses are self-defeating;
• Getting Better over Being Good
Build resilience 
• Don’t tempt fate

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