How Prepared Are You For The Rainy Day?

How Prepared Are You For The Rainy Day?

A heart rendering story I had to share because of the weight of trauma this woman had to go through. Watch Video Here :

However there is a lesson for us all.

This is a story that buttresses the point that there is need to be financilly educated which helps plan for the rainy day. NEWSFLASH ! The rainy day must surely come. It comes in different shapes and forms – the good the bad and the ugly somtimes.

I receieved a whattapps mesage from a friend that led me to doing trhis video.
Hello dear friend.
I need help to assist a sister who is going thru traumatic experience. She lost her husband last year due to kidney problem after they did transplant in India.
They sold everything to complete medical bills but the man died months later. Their fist son in final year in the University of Agric could not graduate becos there was no N35,000 for project. Now the boy is at home. He needs to retake final year. School fees is N130k with N35k for project so he can complete his programme.
Can we share N165k together so the boy can go back to school and graduate? I have never met the sister but she was at my younger sisters place today to collect foodstuff to feed the children. May we not be stranded in life.
Thanks so much
Though this is hard but do you this can happen to anyone of us . It is important to have a financial plan as you do other ares of your life.



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