Do You Know That Aretha Franklin Died Without A Will?

Do You Know That Aretha Franklin Died Without A Will?

So here’s a crazy stats: 6 in 10 British don’t have a will.  This is alarming.


I understand that making a plan for what happens when you die isn’t as much fun as other plans you make in life—like what you’re going to eat at your wedding or do in retirement—but it’s just as important, if not more.  I agree its disturbing and for some people its a reminder of the reality that a day will come , you will no longer be here.


The question ; What Legacy are you leaving behind? That of no will and put every of your loved ones and possible loved beneficiaries ( from your worthy cause you are associate with) you would love to take care of even when you are long gone to be at the mercy of the government.

If you pass away without a will, guess who gets to make the decisions about what you leave behind? Spoiler alert: It’s the government! Do you really think they should decide who gets your kids, your car, your treasures ?

Try to look at a will as the last gift you’ll give your family and loved ones. It makes the management of the things that are important to you simple and straightforward for everyone involved. And it’s the only guarantee that your wishes will be followed. 

If you live in the UK , get a  a reputable firm to put this together as soon as possible .Regardless of what stage you are in your financial journey, you need a will.

However you need to get your information organised in a way that you would not be  charged high fees. You can access information on what you need to put together before approaching a firm to sort you out  Get Your Financial Organizer Together Here. So don’t wait any longer! Give yourself and your family this gift of peace of mind today.




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