How Not to Start New Year (2018)


Yes its time of the year again to start fretting and making fuss about New year resolution.
Does it work? If it does all these years, why are you stilling engaging in the exercise that will soon be abandoned.

Anyway this video is not about that, it’s about 3 Things Not to Do as the New Year (2018)  i.e How Not to Start (2018) New Year.


1. Don’t go on a spending spree .

The fact that there are  massive discount sales on. Don’t fall into the bait of the Merchants. They declare sales for you to spend more and help them clear their stores.
I do not have any problem over this if it’s a planned action but I do have a problem with ths if you would be going into debt to get these discounts.
I do know people that it will be okay for them to do this because the only time they shop are when there are discount or mass sales as they do not buy wholesale.

2. Don’t start the New year with complaining;

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Yes I said complaining about everything but YOU; Government, Family, Employers, Communities friends, families etc STOP and MUTE that complain.

3. Do not fail to get into the gratitude challenge this month.

Be intentional and start looking for only the good and positive in every situation. You will be amazed at how that will give you better perspective

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