5 Reasons To Set GOALS


Why People Fail I Dont Make the Same Mistake

As in previous years, many will approach 2018 with great expectations.  Come December many as usual will be disappointed,  feeling unfulfilled because maybe, the relationship, career, business and even the spiritual areas of their lives are far from what was desired.

Although the act of setting a goal is simple,  many still do not do it.  Not setting a goal is the same reason people do the same thing year in, year out but expect a different result, which is unrealistic and unreasonable, hence some writers call it insanity.

What Is A Goal?

According to the free encyclopedia, a goal is the desired result a person or a system envisions plans and commits to achieve a personal or organisational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. In other words, any plan you make for the future regardless of the titling is called a goal.

Why Goals?

Goals make all the difference between dreamers and those that bring their dreams to reality.

Goals are the things that take us forward in life.  They are the oxygen that sustains our dreamsThey are the first and the last steps in every journey we take.

Here are five reasons why goal-setting is important. ( (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE)

1. Goals Give You Focus

You can have all the potential in the world but without focus, your abilities and talents are completely useless. By setting goals you give yourself a target to shoot at. This sense of direction is what allows your mind to focus on a target rather than waste energy shooting aimlessly.

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2. Goals Allow You to Measure Progress

Setting goals for yourself enable you to measure your progress against a fixed endpoint or benchmark. For example, David sets a goal to write a 300-page book. He writes every day, but along the way, he loses track of how many more pages he has written and how much more he needs to write. So, rather than panicking David simply counts the number of pages he has already written in order to determine his progress and by so doing knows how many more pages he needs to achieve his goal.

3. Goals Keep You Locked In and Undistracted… Purpose and Intentional

By setting goals you give yourself mental boundaries. When you have a certain end point in mind you automatically stay away from certain distractions and stay focused on your goal.  This will almost certainly give you 100% chance of succeeding.

4. Goals Help You Overcome Procrastination

When you set a goal for yourself you make yourself accountable to finish the taskThis is in complete contrast with when you do things on a whim, not minding whether you complete the task or not. If you set a goal and break it down into chunks, it is easier to follow through, thereby pushing back any form of procrastination.

5. Goals Give You Motivation

The root of all the motivation or inspiration is a goal. Goal-setting provides the foundation for the required drive. By setting a goal you give yourself a concrete endpoint to aim for and work towards. Goals are simply tools to focus your energy in a positive direction.  Goals can be changed as your priorities change, with new ones added, and unimportant ones dropped.

Start the process now!   Start Now , Dont till the January of another year. Give this year a meaning.


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