Should Everybody Have A Side Hustle

Should Everybody Have A Side Hustle

It’s crazy the way people want to attain Financial independence and wealth but want to stick to one source of income.
I got this memo late but I am going to tell everybody that cares to listen ..young or old…YOU NEED MORE THAN ONE SOURCE OF INCOME.

“Up to 85,000 high street jobs were lost in the first nine months of this year, according to research. The Office for National Statistics reports 80,000 retail jobs disappeared in the first half of this year, amid a torrid retail environment. Analysis by PwC and the Local Data Company shows town centers are enduring their worst period for five year with 2,692 stores closed down between January and June – a rate of almost 14 per day.”


Relying on one source of income is risky*


1. To plan for future…. retirement.
2. To live the life you want to live. Children school. Holidays.
3. To continue or fund the cause you strongly believe in.
5. To fund your passive investment…passive income..real estate
6. To stop living paycheck to Paycheck.
7. To be able to give like never before.


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