Should Housewives Get Paid?

Should Housewives Get Paid?

Housewives Deserve Recognition

Housewives should be paid for their work. But, by pay I don’t mean a wage only.

They deserve utmost care, respect, love and importance for the work they do.

Just because a woman is a housewife, I have seen the society looking down upon her.

Many a times it’s not just the society, but also her very own family, that is her spouse and children, not respecting her work.

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This needs to change. The work done by a housewife shouldn’t be taken as a job. It is the woman’s contribution for the success of the family unit. This should not be taken for grated by any one.

There is no amount of money that can compensate for it. Her compensation should be in the form of equal say when dealing with social,financial and domestic decisions.


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