The 5 People You Need in Your Life

5 Most Important People

The people that you surround yourself with matter in life .They matter on the progress you make  in life. You are the average of the five closest people to you.  Who are you allowing in your life?

  1. Cheerleader:

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This is that Motivator. Cheerleader is involved in activity that encourages, ranging from but of course not limited to praise singing, to organising make feel good activities for you. This person is the fuel you need especially when the fire is burning out.  (S)He is a promoter and makes you see the cup half full. Keep them close and nurture the relationship. Appreciate their role and do let them know how you see them. Learn to take genuine compliments from them because they have your progress in mind.

  1. Critic:

A person who expresses an unfavourable opinion of something.. You need this person to know those areas to work on improving. Try to protect yourself by taking out the issues being raised from the person criticising. Why? Some people never see anything good in what you are doing or maybe because they do not understand it therefore it’s not valid to such. Handle people like this just like sugarcane. Suck out the juice ( the real issue) and throw /discard  the outer layer

  1. Mentor:

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An experienced and trusted adviser. This person is very important. This person can also be an accountability partner. This person shares experience in that area you are being mentored. You have only one life so reduce the learning curve and the mistakes you make. You need a mentor in any area you desire success; Relationship, Career, Business, Education, Health, Social, Politics etc. This list is not exhaustive. To gain from the mentoring relationship; you need be open, vulnerable, hungry for success and an active listener. Also make yourself accountable to the Mentor in the area being mentored.

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  1. Support system.

This is a person that is always there whether you are good or not. This person is with you in your high and low moments. However this is like the stable pill you take. Most of the time family fall into this category that is why no matter what you are chasing or aspiring to be in life ….. Don’t neglect this relationship. We have seen people go to attain greatness or success certain areas in life without

  1. YOU:

The relationship with the 4 important people would not be meaningless without the most important person ….Yes that is YOU/ME. So you are the most important in the equation of the success in your life. It is important you therefore value YOU. You cannot value you unless you know your worth. Self-worth is the bedrock of personal development.

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