The 7C’s of Achievers

After having studied and research top achievers and peak performers indifferent walks of life over the years, I’ve concluded that these unique men and women have, in most cases, mastered what can be call the Seven C’s of Achievers.

1. Clarity: True success comes from being clear on who you are, what you believe in and what you want.
2. Competence: You can’t climb to the next rung on the ladder until you are excellent at what you do now.
3. Constraints: A majority of obstacles to success come from within. Find out what is constraining in you and deal with it.
4. Concentration: The ability to focus on one thing single-mindedly and see it through until it’s done takes more character than anything else.
5. Creativity: Flood your life with ideas from many sources. Creativity needs to be exercised like a muscle. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.
6. Courage: Most in demand and least in supply, courage is the willingness to do the things you know are right.
7. Continuous learning: Read—at the very least—one book a week on career or business to keep you miles ahead of the competition. And just as you eat and bathe, organize your time so you can spend 30 minutes a day exploring email, sending messages, browsing websites, because like exercise, it’s the only way you can keep on top of tech. If you get away from it, you’ll lose your edge.


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